The Diaper Fairy visited the Family & Youth Opportunity Center

The Diaper Fairy visited the Family & Youth Opportunity Center late last week, with tote bags bursting with packages of diapers and wipes of all sizes. Her name is Susan Fellen, a representative of the Rotary Club of Ashburn, which facilitates the Northern Virginia Diaper Bank. To our families at the center, who often must choose between diapers and food, Susan is more of an angel than a fairy.

It costs more than $100 per month to keep an average baby in diapers and wipes. For families and single parents living far below the poverty line, that amount is overwhelming. The Northern Virginia Diaper Bank supplies diapers and wipes to local community service organizations that distribute them free of charge to mothers and babies in need. Beginning last Thursday, INMED will receive a monthly donation of diapers that have been collected by a legion of volunteers throughout the community.

THANK YOU, Rotary Club of Ashburn and the Northern Virginia Diaper Bank, for keeping INMED’s babies a little drier and their moms a little happier!

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