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This Holiday, Transform the Life of a  Disadvantaged Child

In parts of Loudoun, more than half of children are economically disadvantaged, placing them at risk for abuse, neglect and academic challenges. Among these students, the high school drop-out rate reaches up to 7 times the county average. The challenges these children face start early and have long-term effects on their ability to enter college, succeed in the workforce, and overcome poverty.

Your Gift for A Child’s Future

With your help, we transform the lives of these children through youth programs that improve academic achievement and self-esteem, and parent education and support programs that build healthy, stable family units in which children can thrive long-term.

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Help us put a child on the path to academic achievement and long term success.

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How Your Support Transforms the Loudoun Community

We serve more than 2,000 low-income individuals each year, and you can help us reach many more! Last year, we helped:

  • 86% of our students demonstrate academic improvement
  • 84% of our students improve self-confidence
  • 100% of our first-time, at-risk parents create a home environment supporting optimal child development
  • 84% of our parents master the content taught in our parenting and financial literacy classes


Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals we serve.