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It’s hard to do well in school when you sleep on the floor…

how the Opportunity Center helped a father and son overcome life’s hurdles.

Losing your mom is scary at any age, but for Sammy and his father, it was especially difficult. As a single dad with limited job skills, his father, Ernesto, struggled to take care of Sammy without his wife’s income and nurturing parenting skills. His seasonal work was erratic, and he had trouble budgeting to pay rent and afford groceries, let alone provide the resources his son needed to succeed in school. Sammy slept on the floor, because his father couldn’t afford beds. Imagine how defeated Ernesto felt, but he didn’t give up.

When a neighbor recommended the Opportunity Center, Ernesto enrolled in our free financial literacy classes, where he learned how to manage a budget, prioritize his expenses and start building a savings account. He learned important parenting skills in our family education classes at our center, while Sammy was able to attend our academic enrichment activities, such as computer lab, arts and crafts and kid-friendly science experiments.

With the Opportunity Center’s help, Ernesto created a resume for the first time and met his current employer at one of our free job fairs. Today, Ernesto has a steady job and has saved enough money to buy brand new beds. Sammy is doing much better in school now that he’s getting a good night’s sleep and the opportunity to explore new interests at the center.

Sammy and his father live right here in your community. Imagine what might have happened to them without the help of our Opportunity Center. If you would like to help children of single parents who struggle, please sponsor a child at our center.

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