Snacks to Feed Children in our After School Program

All the parents in our program want to provide a safe, and stable home for their children. But in order to keep their jobs and keep their children well cared for they often end up in a financial bind.

Most can’t afford to work solely within school hours to be home for their young ones. And most can’t afford to pay for daily childcare – even when it is provided at their child’s school.

At the Center we offer a FREE After School Program. Where children are well cared for in a loving, nurturing, and educational environment.

If you’d like to Be an Opportunity Maker for our After School Program, your $15 donation will provide one child in our program with snacks for one week.

25Gas Cards or Bus Fare to Support Families in our Homelessness
Prevention Program

While many of our participants have a job, it’s often difficult, when facing so many other expenses, to afford gas for their cars or bus fare to get to-and-from work.

For you and I the idea of filling our tank when needed is a non issue, but for many it is a luxury. Our goal is to keep our community working and remove obstacles for those who don’t have the means of transportation to-and-from work.

The ability to hold a job is a key component to homelessness prevention. At the Center we support families with monetary aid, including gas cards and bus fare, when situations arise.

If you’d like to be an Opportunity Maker for our Homelessness Prevention program, your $25 donation will provide gas or transportation to and from work for one worker for one week.

50Diapers to Clothe Babies in our Healthy Families Program

If you are or were a parent of an infant or toddler you know the volume and expense of diapers.

Many parents are unable to keep up with the demand, which then leads to not changing the baby’s diaper as often as they should. This in turn can lead to health, skin, rash, and other medical issues for their babies.

The goal of the Center is to help new parents by alleviate the cost of diapering their children, and allow them use their money for other essentials.

If you’d like to Be an Opportunity Maker for our Healthy Families program, your $50 donation will provide one baby with diapers for one week.

DonateNowYour generous gift will help provide the opportunities Loudoun County’s at-risk families need to raise healthy, responsible and resilient children, build a sense of community, and achieve economic self-sufficiency.