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She got off to a rough start…

but we didn’t let her slip through the cracks.

It seems unimaginable with all the resources in Loudoun County that a child could actually fail first grade. But that was the case with Nina.

When Nina was referred to our after-school program by her school counselor, she was not only failing 1st grade but had shut down emotionally. She had no interest in school and rarely completed her homework. She spent most of her day staring out the window.

After a short time, our staff at the Opportunity Center learned that Nina’s father had been incarcerated, her mother was working two jobs to keep the family afloat and they were on the verge of homelessness. The stress was causing Nina to fail in school.

With one-on-one tutoring and homework assistance at INMED’s Opportunity Center, Nina was able to catch up academically. She bonded with our staff and volunteers and felt safe to be herself again. Her mother also worked with our family support team to acquire the skills and resources she needed to keep her family in their home. Today, Nina’s life is stable and she has improved dramatically – both academically and socially.

Nina lives right here in your community. Imagine what her life could have been without the support of the Opportunity Center. You can help break the cycle of poverty for Nina and for future generations.

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