INMED Helped Me Succeed

INMED Helped Me Succeed

INMED Helped Me Succeed

Luis is a quiet second grader referred to us by his school because he was disengaged in class and below grade level in reading, writing and math.

When our bilingual staff began working with Luis, they discovered that his single mom was unable to help Luis with schoolwork because she spoke little English, and couldn’t afford a home computer for his online math assignments.

When Luis began our after-school program, he hardly ever smiled and struggled to make friends. Our staff gave him one-on-one tutoring, homework support, computer access, supplemental enrichment, and encouragement. His mother attended our English language classes on Saturdays. Gradually, everyone began to see a change in Luis. He smiled more and the math and reading concepts began to click. 

Over his time in our program, Luis’ grades improved to 100% of all grade-level standards, and his confidence soared. By the end of the school year, Luis smiled often and built many new friendships.

Imagine what Luis’ life might be like without our help. For just a small investment, you can help break the cycle of poverty for not only Luis and his mom, but also for future generations.

If you would like to help children like me do better in school, please support INMED.

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