We are grateful for the terrific article about our Opportunity Center and INMED’s 25th anniversary on the Chamber Insider Blog.
Volunteer Manoj Bisht and daughter Shyla of Loudoun Math Circle are teaching our campers about multiplication facts—and the kids LOVE
THANK YOU, Geoff Crawley for this giant check for our INMED Opportunity Center! This check is the culmination of a 6-month sponsorship at
Make fond memories with the ones you love at INMED’s Family Fun Fest, celebrating 25 years of serving disadvantaged children
In celebration, our campers are learning new skills, such as how to use a microscope to discover a world not
Campers love getting their hands dirty, but this “porcelain-making” STEAM activity was sticky. Despite its name, it is not porcelain.
Today, we are thankful for volunteer Medha Medicherla, who is teaching our campers the basics of violin, followed by a
Public-speaking super heroes to the rescue! Did you know that the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear
Sensory-based art making is a fascinating modality that allows children to engage in creative expression with no pressure. Our campers