Natural Talent Found at INMED USA’s Hangout

Natural Talent Found at INMED USA’s Hangout

Meet Aaron, a somewhat quiet young man but good at socializing with others since he is humble and respectful, especially with older people. Aaron has been in INMED USA’s youth program for over a year, participating in many activities, especially art classes, art shows, music therapy, and the program called Hangout.

The program Hangout is where we discover Aaron’s passion for the piano and his talent. We asked his mom if he had been in piano lessons for a long time, but her answer was no. Aaron only took classes with a teacher for a couple of months. The rest he taught himself.

On weekends Aaron used to ask his mom to take him to the mall and not exactly to go shopping. He liked to go to the mall to the piano stores and practice on a real piano. When we discovered that Aaron did not have a piano, we searched for one. With the help of Tom Sweitzer Co-Founder & Creative Director at A Place to Be, a music therapy center, we found a piano for him. Our director of INMED USA managed to find the transport of this piano to the Young man’s house.

Thanks to his mother’s support and Aaron’s desire to learn more on his own, we found this young man’s talent. From that moment, Aaron began playing the piano at INMED’s family events and for the youth program arts shows. In one of those art shows where he played the piano, Tom saw his talent and decided to support this young man. Now Aaron not only plays the piano at events outside of INMED but also had the opportunity to play for a professional pianist at the University of Shenandoah in Virginia who offered to mentor this young man.

Now Aaron travels with his mom for an hour to Winchester every Tuesday for his classes with his new mentor. Our wish for this young man is that he gets a scholarship to continue to grow as an artist and the humble young man he is.