Sponsor A Child

Daniel was headed down a destructive path…

he just needed someone to believe in him to change that trajectory.

Failing third grade was the least of Daniel’s worries – his dad left them, and although his mom was working an extra night shift to make ends meet, they were still on the verge of becoming homeless. Daniel felt so far behind in both reading and math that he’d given completely given up. He became disruptive in class. Neither his mom nor his teacher could reach him, so his teacher referred him to the Opportunity Center.

When Daniel started our after-school program, he acted out and was reluctant to put in any effort. But, with months of consistent encouragement and support from our mentors and tutors, he began to change. Their confidence in him drove him to work toward steadily improving his grades. He found a second family in his mentors and tutors. His mother was thrilled to see his change in attitude towards learning. She attended our parent education programs to help her create a more stable home for her son.

Now, three years later, Daniel now sees a whole new future for himself. This year, he’s caught up in school, his teachers praise his change in behavior, and he feels more secure at home. His mother expresses tremendous gratitude to the center for creating a pathway to a more successful life for them.

There are many local children just like Daniel whose circumstances make it hard to succeed in school. You can help put them on the path to educational and future success by sponsoring a child now.

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