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INMED Helped Me Succeed

Luis is a quiet second grader referred to us by his school because he was disengaged in class and below grade level in reading, writing and math.

When our bilingual staff began working with Luis, they discovered that his single mom was unable to help Luis with schoolwork because she spoke little English, and couldn’t afford a home computer for his online math assignments.

When Luis began our after-school program, he hardly ever smiled and struggled to make friends. Our staff gave him one-on-one tutoring, homework support, computer access, supplemental enrichment, and encouragement. His mother attended our English language classes on Saturdays. Gradually, everyone began to see a change in Luis. He smiled more and the math and reading concepts began to click. 

Over his time in our program, Luis’ grades improved to 100% of all grade-level standards, and his confidence soared. By the end of the school year, Luis smiled often and built many new friendships.

Imagine what Luis’ life might be like without our help. For just a small investment, you can help break the cycle of poverty for not only Luis and his mom, but also for future generations.

If you would like to help children like me do better in school, please support INMED.

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Why I Support INMED

As the father of two young children, I’ve come to appreciate how important it is for kids to have access to activities, instruction and care at times when working parents just can’t be available.  I’ve also come to appreciate how very expensive and inaccessible after-school programs can be for low-income families who need affordable alternatives.

INMED’s Family & Youth Opportunity Center fills a gap in services available to families in need and children whose parents lack the means to provide them with all the opportunities they deserve.  I’ve heard parents extol the virtues of the Opportunity Center’s programs and describe how INMED helped them overcome times of crisis. 

I joined the Opportunity Center’s Board of Trustees to be part of something that truly improves the lives of others. The more children who do not fall through the cracks, the better off everyone in our community will be—but INMED cannot accomplish this without financial support and volunteer service. Getting involved with INMED is not only beneficial to my career but is one of the most rewarding investments I’ve made with my time and resources.

Steven Tibbets
Managing Senior Counsel
CA Technologies

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Why I Volunteer for INMED

I heard about INMED through a service organization I lead called Peers and Students Taking Action (P.A.S.T.A.).  The first time I volunteered at INMED’s Family & Youth Opportunity Center,  I saw so many wonderful opportunities to help the community and those who don’t have the resources that others do.

I started tutoring middle school students in math on Saturday mornings and have spent the past three summers giving free guitar lessons at the Center. Almost all the kids are brand new to the instrument, so it’s great to see them learn to play from scratch. The kids at INMED are awesome. I love those moments when I see the kids smile after accomplishing something or completing a difficult task. Their excitement and motivation are powerful and contagious.

Community service really instills a sense of gratitude, confidence and leadership. I’ve also found that volunteering is reciprocal. Helping others ultimately helps everyone live up to their true potential. I hope more teenagers will understand how great it feels to give back to the community.

Saarthak Maheshwari
11th grade student
Stone Bridge High School

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