About Us

Building pathways for vulnerable children, families
and communities to achieve well-being and self-reliance.

The Need

In parts of Loudoun, more than half of children are economically disadvantaged, placing them at risk for abuse, neglect and academic challenges. For many of these students, the high school drop-out rate reaches up to 7 times the county average. The challenges these children face start early and have long-term effects on their ability to enter post-secondary education, succeed in the workforce, and overcome poverty.

Our Two-Generation Solution

The Opportunity Center narrows the opportunity gaps for economically disadvantaged children in our community. Through our two-generation approach, we focus on youth programs that improve academic achievement and self-esteem, as well as parent education and support programs that build healthy, stable family units in which children can thrive long-term.

Our programs are uniquely effective at reaching a large portion of the at-risk population that other organizations cannot, because they are led by bilingual teachers and staff.

Our Organization

The Opportunity Center, located in Sterling, Virginia, is the hub of local services offered by INMED Partnerships for Children, an international nonprofit. For more than 30 years, INMED Partnerships for Children has been transforming the lives of disadvantaged children all around the world. Learn more about INMED’s international programs at https://inmed.org.

Our Impact

The Opportunity Center serves more than 2,000 low-income individuals each year. Last year, our programs helped:

86% of our students demonstrate academic improvement

84% of our students improve self-confidence

84% of our parents master the content taught in our parenting and financial literacy classes

100% of our first-time, at-risk parents create a home environment supporting optimal child development

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