A Story of Wheels and Wings

Cecilia and her two-year-old son are enrolled in INMED’s Healthy Families program at the Opportunity Center in Sterling. When she entered the program, Cecilia was unemployed, didn’t have a driver’s license and had no means to pay for child care to work outside the home. She faced a downward spiral of obstacles.

An INMED Family Support Worker (FSW) helped Cecilia create an action plan to get a license, find affordable child care and obtain a stable job. Cecilia diligently followed the steps of her plan. Night after night, after putting her son to bed, she studied the DMV driver’s manual and eventually passed the driving test with flying colors. INMED’s FSW also worked with Cecilia to find child care subsidies she could apply for, as well as a full-time job.

Today, Cecilia drives her son to daycare before going to work at her new job. Her life is stable, and the future for her son is bright. Cecilia told her INMED FSW that it feels like having wings!
If you know someone like Cecilia who could use INMED’s help, please contact Maria Vasquez at mvasquez@inmed.org.