Bridging the Gaps for Today,
Building Bridges to Self-Reliance in the Future

As we head into the holiday season, many families are struggling. But there is light in the darkness. At INMED USA, we’re celebrating small victories in the most desperate situations.

While there are hundreds of worthy local nonprofits, INMED USA is directly bridging the resource gaps for our most vulnerable neighbors today—and helping them build bridges to self-reliance in the future. During the coronavirus pandemic, our Opportunity Center in Sterling, VA has been a vital community hub for essentials like food, toilet paper, diapers, hygiene supplies, free COVID testing and other resources as well as a lifeline for children and parents with limited access to—and training in—distance learning. We invite you to learn more about how our work is transforming lives by watching these videos and checking out our programs on this web site.

Check it Out!

Program participants, volunteers, and supporters share their stories of impact

Treasure Hunt Begins on Friday, November 27th

Share our stories by participating in our Bridge Builder Treasure Hunt
You could win a Big Screen TV!

Help us share our impact by participating in our Bridge Builder Treasure Hunt! You could win a 50” Toshiba Fire 4K Ultra HD Smart TV!

Get Involved

We are proud of how hard our program participants work to better their lives. But the need doesn’t take a holiday. We understand that you may not be in a position to contribute financially, but if INMED USA’s work is something you’d like to support, there are many ways to help:

Participate in our community treasure hunt (click
    through to treasure hunt page)

Become a volunteer

Designate INMED Partnerships for Children as
    your charity of choice on Amazon Smile

Select INMED for your workplace giving
    campaign (United Way: # 2795, Combined
    Federal Campaign: # 11875, Combined Virginia
    Campaign: #200401, America’s Charities: Write
    us in!)

Set up a fundraiser on your Facebook page

Share our posts on social media (FacebookTwitter, YouTube)

Organize a diaper, book or resource drive for our
    Opportunity Center

And if you are in a position to help financially, we invite you to become one of our bridge builders in the community for those who have been left behind.