Learning Public Speaking Skills

Public-speaking super heroes to the rescue! Did you know that the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death for average Americans? Volunteer Ashwin Prabu led an anxiety-free session on writing and public speaking for our campers. She had them create a super hero and his/her super powers, draw a picture and write a description. After 20 minutes of brainstorming and writing, students presented their super heroes in front of the class to develop experience speaking in public. Fear not, brave campers!

Sensory-Based Art

Sensory-based art making is a fascinating modality that allows children to engage in creative expression with no pressure. Our campers created their Jackson Pollocks with water, shaving cream, flour and food coloring.

It’s never too early to build financial literacy.

 Volunteers Jocelyn and Cher Jiang from Endeavor and Achiever taught our campers the uses of cash vs. credit and how the greater economy affects personal finance—along with other useful life tips.  Who would think that inflation and balancing a bank account could be so fun?! How would you grade your own financial literacy—A+ or F?