This past Saturday, we were full STEAM ahead! The kids had lots of fun in our first STEAM club session, they learned about engineering, math and science while creating catapults to fling all sorts of objects. They even got to test how far they could fling things using their machines. In addition to making machines, students experimented with modeling clay and practiced their addition and multiplication with floor squares. We loved these hands-on learning activities!


TODAY IS GIVECHOOSE – your chance to support INMED and other Loudoun nonprofits. But only until midnight!

Please read our profile and learn how you can make a big impact on someone in need! Someone like Oscar, who was sleeping through school because he was helping his mother clean office buildings at night. Oscar’s mom couldn’t afford a sitter. We helped Oscar’s mom find daytime employment and got Oscar back on track at school. Choose to Give and help your neighbors in need!

TOMORROW is GiveChoose

TOMORROW is GiveChoose—a 1-day online giving campaign by the Community Foundation of Loudoun & Northern Fauquier Counties to raise funds for local nonprofits. If you don’t already support a charitable organization, please consider donating to our Opportunity Center. Just click here:

Your support can help teen parents like Emilio learn vital skills to prevent child abuse and provide a nurturing environment for raising resilient children. Your support can help narrow the academic achievement gap for disadvantaged children. Your support can provide resources and education to help low-income adults achieve stability and self-reliance.