Welcome Girl Scouts

We are excited to welcome the @GirlScoutCounciloftheNation’sCapital as a new program partner. Each month, a GSCNC representative leads a 90-minute interactive activity in topics ranging from “imagineering” to “wild, wacky science.” Our kids are currently learning about cybersecurity, including online safety, how the Internet works and how to investigate cybercrime through fun, hands-on activities, such as scavenger hunts and sending emoji-encoded messages. Thank you, @LindsayCowett, for leading our kids on a cybersecurity adventure!

New Year, New Diapers

Did you know that diapers cost roughly $100 per month per child? That’s a huge expense for families living under the poverty line.

THANK YOU to Sterling Rotary and NOVA Diaper Bank for their latest donation of diapers for our Healthy Families Loudoun program!