INMED’s Summer Camp

A friendship quilt and shaving cream clouds were just two of the hands-on educational activities on the first day of Session 3 of INMED’s Summer Camp at the Family & Youth Opportunity Center in Sterling yesterday. It’s not too late to volunteer or! Contact Erin Lewis at or call 703-729-4951 for details.

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INMED in the Loudouner

Great article about INMED and its Family & Youth Opportunity Center in Sterling in the “Health & Wellness” section of the 2017 summer issue of Loudouner, a quarterly publication of the Loudoun Times Mirror. Click here to read it online:

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Emojis are more than just whimsical social media icons.

Summer campers at INMED’s Family & Youth Opportunity Center are using super-sized emojis to help them learn how to express their emotions in constructive ways—even at the earliest ages. Fun with emojis is just one activity of the self-esteem course developed and led by INMED’s intern Rita Kailani. Learn more about summer camp and other programs for children and families at

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